Amplified Video Engagement (AVE)

With AVE Marketing, brands will be able to bolster digital engagement while strengthening consumer acquisition and retention through interactive items showcased within video content.

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Tag Heuer
Khols UA

How It Works

The Clicktivated experience allows users to interact with individual products featured within video. Clicktivated’s AVE experience does not use intrusive mechanisms, such as pop-ups, markers or annotations to deliver dynamic engagement.

1. Watch it

Enhance video content by creating an interactive experience to amplify user engagement.

Branded content showcases specific products that can be purchased directly from the video.

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2. Click it

Users take action by clicking on specific products or information they would like to explore further.

Clickability throughout the video allow the user to choose the product they want to purchase any time in the video.

3. Buy it

Create a greater opportunity for consumer purchases and engagement.

Get-It-Now feature displays information about the items selected and provides a seamless call-to-action to purchase directly form the brand's product page.

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